“Journey to Healing”

Yoga has from its very beginning 4500 years ago been a practice of healing. Healing our fears, traumas, griefs, addictions, stresses and any thing that robs us from our peace.

It is our only work here on Earth, to serve ourselves, to find moksha (freedom) and its then when we turn to serve others.

The summer of 2017, we will offer one evening per week as our Journey to Heal evening. As needed, we will add other classes along the way on other days.

The best thing to expect is, well nothing. Arrive, land and what needs to come in will be absorbed and what needs to release will release. I can assure you this, the sessions will not require any physical experience – other than we are on the second floor. We offer a beautiful tranquil space that can really assist in the process of healing.

These sessions will encompass the wisdom of yoga, gentle yoga movement, practical and effective breathwork, and attainable meditations. Freedom of expression being optional. You may arrive and leave in silence.

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At present, these sessions will be guided by:

Sandy Hicks who has over 40 years of experience professionally and the last decade’s studies have been in the trauma and addiction field.

Jackie Andrus has over 400 hours of professional trainings and most recently completing the Addiction, Recovery and Trauma program at Grounded by Yoga.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Journaling to the Heart

  • Trauma Informed Yoga Movement

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Circle of Wisdom for Recovery 

  • GentleBody/GentleMind


Who should attend?

  • Anyone born on Earth, feeling as if they are at times, or all the time going against too many currents. 

  • Individuals experiencing cumulative grief and losses, childhood, teen or adult traumas of any nature, recovery in any form, yes – even physical recovery. 

  • Beings who would like to see what authentic yogic practices are most effective and why they were created to begin with….we want you here! 

If you find you are very interested in the deeper healings of yoga, but are unable to come Friday evenings, please email Sandy with your availability. We would be delighted to add to the schedule and have space options to do so.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be adding our programs on here and their dates. We do know we have a Restorative Yoga session for June 30th that will kickstart our program. Space is always limited for our Restorative Yoga sessions, please register early.

Until our light meets yours.



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Journey to heal
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