“Journey to Healing”

Yoga has from its very beginning 4500 years ago been a practice of healing. Healing our fears, traumas, griefs, addictions, stresses and any thing that robs us from our peace.

It is our only work here on Earth, to serve ourselves, to find moksha (freedom) and its then when we turn to serve others.

The best thing to expect is, well nothing. Arrive, land and what needs to come in will be absorbed and what needs to release will release. I can assure you this, the sessions will not require any physical experience – other than we are on the second floor. We offer a beautiful tranquil space that can really assist in the process of healing.

These sessions may encompass the wisdom of yoga, journaling, very gentle yoga movement, practical and effective breath-work, and attainable meditations. Freedom of expression being optional. You may arrive and leave in silence.

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At present, these sessions will be guided by:

Sandy Hicks who has over 40 years of experience professionally and the last decade’s studies have been in the trauma and addiction field.

Upcoming Sessions:

Thursdays 7:30-9:00pm

Bloomfield Location

From ancient yogic knowledge, we will be guided through various non-physical exercises, inner work and meditations that shall assist in uncovering our most peaceful selves.

Disconnection causes suffering (stress, depression etc). We lose connection from old imbedded belief systems; unresolved traumas; ongoing addictions; and not implanting self-care. and awareness.

No experience is needed for any of the Journeys, just an open mind, willing heart and desire to expand conscious awareness.

You may choose one Journey, two Journeys or all three of them!  Whichever you attend, you are expected to attend each workshop (path) that pertains to it. Each workshop includes optional homework so you can manifest that what you learned.

JOURNEY A: Self Love, Acceptance and Compassion

July 13:  “The Mirror”

July 20: “Self Care by Removing Busy”

July 27:  “Celebrating Who You Are”

The loss of Self occurs when we attach to past, labels, worries, people, experiences, and the list goes on. Attachment is avoidance of our true nature and dims our light, hindering the ability to see that our very own peace is just waiting to hold you.  Sometimes we just need guidance in parting through the weeds to see the flowers. (Enrollment closed for this Journey. Will offer again in the fall)

JOURNEY B: Living with Loss (or Less)

August 10: “Misconceptions about Grief”

August 17:  “When I Think of You/It/Them”

August 24: “Letting Go to Let Back In”

Grief can be cumulative throughout our life and is not limited to the passing of a body. Grief can be losses of anything we cherish (job, people, pets, homes, health). Sadness and depression can impede the high vibration of love and peace we are entitled to. This journey will move grief in the direction of a different perspective, enhancing your connection to the Universe in and outside of your being-ness by offering tools to overcome grief’s emotional storms. (Enrollment closed for this Journey. Will offer again in the fall)

JOURNEY C: Integrating Ancient Wisdom into our World

September 14: “General Voice of the Sages”

September 21: “Working with our Fears”

September 28: “Changing our Worldly Perception”

Share into a rich well of powerful wisdom. Embodying yoga is far, far beyond a posture. Let’s wade through our inner landscape with yoga’s deep navigational tools.  When we embrace the knowing-ness that Impermanence is the truth of life, our most basic daily activities can be the key to everyday ease. These sessions will be most beneficial with the optional take home practices that will be provided.

Grounded Rules:

  • We honor confidentiality (what is said/experienced here stays here).
  • Everyone will have their own experience and we will refrain from wanting to fix, control, advise, interpret.
  • All voices are welcome but no one is obligated to speak. Simply come and receive as you choose!


For all Journeys:

  • Each Journey contains 3 ‘paths’. You must be able and willing to attend all 3 workshops per Journey. (Since this is a live process, the inner topics -paths- may change slightly, but the subject title will not)
  • Bring a journal and pencil/pen. Each session utilizes journaling techniques.
  • Bring any preferred cushions, blankets (but we have plenty as well as chairs)
  • Pre-Registration closes one week before each Journey.
  • Minimum sign up is required or will be rescheduled.
  • This is not a hatha yoga class (physical yoga), this is Jnana Yoga – the Yoga of Knowledge – no movement exp. is needed.
  • Each class is 75 minutes long with optional 15 minutes as group dialogue. If no dialogue is desired, Sandy will anchor with a general recap of our evening or a positive inner light share to carry with you.


About Your Guide:

Sandy has been practicing Jnana Yoga since the age of 11 years old. Since her very own early awakening, she has known the only thing that felt right was to share this knowledge. This isn’t the knowledge of the intellectual sense, but that our divinity is within us and the innate ability to discriminate from the real and unreal and the permanent from the impermanent. By removing the veils that obscure, the true nature of ourselves and the world around us changes…..forever……



Any one Journey: $55

All three Journeys: $125

Register online through our booking calendar or email us for mailing address for check.


 Who should attend?

  • Anyone born on Earth, feeling as if they are at times, or all the time going against too many currents. 

  • Individuals experiencing cumulative grief and losses, childhood, teen or adult traumas of any nature, recovery in any form, yes – even physical recovery. 

  • Beings who would like to see what authentic yogic practices are most effective and why they were created to begin with….we want you here! 

If you find you are very interested in the deeper healings of yoga, but are unable to come Thursday evenings, please email Sandy with your availability. We would be delighted to add to the schedule as space options allow us to do so.

Until our light meets yours.


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Journey to heal
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