Beginners Series…Who should come?

  • Beginners, of course!
  • Students seeking to revisit the principal foundations

Yoga Gentle….Students who are seeking:

  • To soften their practice
  • To be gentle on joints (no arm strength postures or being on wrists and knees)
  • Supported balancing
  • To adapt the practice to accommodate physical constraints or limitations

Yoga Moderate… Students who:

  • Are familiar with Pranayama, Alignment, Bandhas
  • Desire upper-body strengthening
  • Desire for prep-work for more advanced postures
  • Appreciate learning modifications for postures

Yoga Seasoned…Students who are:

  • Have a regular practice and like to explore deeper/playful options
  • Are aware of their options and modifications
  • Regularly incorporate Pranayama, Alignment, Bandhas

Yoga Open

  • These classes offer you to choose your own depth/softness. Some of these classes are GentleBody/GentleMind, Relax Yourself, Meditation, Deep Release, Yin Yoga. If none of the titles above are after the word “Open”…the class may be new and we will see who comes and what you seek! Of course, if your schedule doesn’t align with the level you desire, let your teacher know and we will be glad to assist you. Our teachers are all Yoga Alliance teachers and possess a professional (and friendly) skill-set to offer an enjoyable, attainable session.


May vary from the above.

As a representative of a Registered Yoga School (RYS), we agree to uphold the ethical goals set forth in the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Uphold the integrity of my vocation by conducting myself in a professional and conscientious manner.
  2. Acknowledge the limitations of my skills and scope of practice and where appropriate, refer students to seek alternative instruction, advice, treatment, or direction.
  3. Create and maintain a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for the practice of yoga.
  4. Encourage diversity actively by respecting all students regardless of age, physical limitations, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religion affiliation, or sexual orientation.
  5. Respect the rights, dignity, and privacy of all students.
  6. Avoid words and actions that constitute sexual harassment.
  7. Adhere to the traditional yoga principles as written in the Yamas and Niyamas.
  8. Follow all local government and national laws that pertain to my yoga teaching and business
Contact Us

Studios are open 7 days a week! Our general Customer Service hours (emails/phone calls) are Monday through Thursday 8-7pm and Fridays 8-noon. We promise to get back to you asap and thank you for your interest in our programs. Namaste.

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