Welcome Jennifer Cervantes!

Ever heard the saying “I feel blessed?”…well I feel blessed!  Meeting Jennifer last year has brightened my light and added more dances in my soul. Welcome aboard, Jennifer, ...Blessings Indeed, Sandy

A note from Jennifer……

“We can never hear the language of the soul if our ears are filled with loud noise of the world” -~ Swami Paramananda

I believe that Yoga is a gift for us to heal, to be present, and to be conscious. Being IN the body invites a connection to our selves through the awareness of the present moment and liberates us from the daily stressors that pull us away from this significant link. Being in a posture can allow us to perceive what our body needs and where to direct our attention and breath so we may tend to that need. When we find our way to the mat, we have taken a step toward self care and inner peace which is what led me to want to help others find their way too.

At a major turning point in my life, I put the path of yoga more fully into my life and committed to the Interdisciplinary Yoga Certification with a special focus on addiction, recovery, and trauma. I love how yoga is non-competitive and open to all, how it unravels our tightly wound muscles, how it liberates our breath, and how it helps clear our mind.

During our practice I aim to provide a thematic focus that helps move us onto higher ground from where we are at. I also invite you to listen in closely to what your individual potential and needs are to honor that connection to Self. Join in and take this journey too…I look forward to meeting you!

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Namaste,


Jennifer’s Schedule:

  • Tuesdays in Bloomfield (Starting Aug 1st) 5:30pm Deep Release Yoga – Yin Inspired
  • Wednesdays in Canandaigua: 6pm Yoga 1
  • Wednesdays in Canandaigua: 7:30-8:30pm 8 week Beginners Series starts July 26th

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