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RYT 200 Grounded By Yoga Interdisciplinary Studies

My journey with yoga started through meditation. A few years ago I became very interested in the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. I would often go on long walks, or hikes, taking in the beautiful nature as I went, and stopping when I found a nice quiet place to sit. Closing my eyes, and just feeling and listening to my breath flow in and out of my body, really brought my focus inward, and all distractions, whether they were physically around me, or just in my mind, started to fade away. There was something so special and truly amazing about being with myself, and not having thoughts and chatter run through my mind – it was stillness. This type of meditation was something I would do quite often, yet, I had no idea the door that was just opened, was going to lead me on a beautiful path and journey.

In January of 2015, I was given an amazing opportunity to attend Sandy’s Grounded By Yoga Teacher Training. I knew Yoga was something I definitely wanted to learn more about. Not only was I captivated by peace and stillness that meditation had brought me, but I was also very interested in the different types of yoga, and wanted to learn more about Asana and Pranayama. Throughout the training, I learned so much about myself, and this beautiful universe. I had discovered this new sense of adventure and peace, at the same time. This was only the beginning for me. I knew I wanted to share this amazing feeling with others, and help them in different ways through the practice of Yoga. ~ Namaste ~ Jackie

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