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RYT-200 Hour Interdisciplinary Yoga
Certified by Grounded By Yoga
Registered with Yoga Alliance

Yoga is so much more than the asanas (postures), and the ability to touch your toes! As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with that at all. It is the calming, powerful, beautiful, unique journey of self inquiry; a nurturing journey without any judgements. Can you become stronger, more flexible, have better balance through yoga ? Absolutely!! But more important than that, it can magically aid you on the path of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual growth and healing. It did for me, and it can for you!

My joyful classes are taught with a generous, compassionate heart, as my desire is to share my wisdom of yoga, and my light and positivity with you. I would be honored to be a part of your transformational journey of discovering your True Self.

“See the light in your life. Be the light in someone else’s life”.~
With much gratitude,


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