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Here is one. More details coming in February.

200RYT with Addiction, Recovery and Trauma Focus

Yoga is a wonderful practice for people who are recovering from an addictions and traumas. Abusing alcohol and drugs always means that people lose touch with their bodies, minds and the connection to spirit. By practicing these techniques, they can once again become comfortable in their own skin.  The practice can help these individuals cope with life more easily, see with clarity and live in light.
In 12 Step programs, they say that addiction is a threefold disease. It is viewed as mental, physical, and spiritual in nature. Yoga is a unique practice because it is able to benefit the individual in all these areas. All addictions are based on traumas and weave all three focuses into our learnings. See below and THIS PAGE for more information (again, we are under construction and will have the info complete by the end of February)


Begins Fall 2017. You may email the Director to get on the notify list. Enrollment limited to 10. For notify list, Click Here.


Sandy Hicks, RYS Interdisciplinary Yoga/ Yoga for Recovery & Trauma

Luc Watelet, RYS Kundalini

Wendy Stoddard, CYT Kripalu, RYS, Open Sky, Yin Certified

Dr. Ted Barnett, Yogic Nutrition

Damodar Das, Bhakti Yoga

What You'll Learn

This module will focus on the following (may not be inclusive)

  • Knowledge to offer successful outreach programs or weaving into a general public class or private session
  • Roots of disconnect and the manifestation of obstacles
  • Tools for our own unpacking and awakening to our self by removing obstacles through yoga
  • Genetic? Epigentic? Learned?
  • Feeling patterns: Carried and Gifted
  • What the brain tells us of addiction and trauma – the aid of yoga science
  • Holding safe yoga space for trauma-sensitive students, those in addiction recovery and battlers of co-dependency
  • Alignment of 12-step program with the yogic spiritual principals.
  • 8 Limbed yoga path to wholeness
  • What is behind the symptoms of dis-ease
  • Preparing the vessel for sail from dis-ease
  • Samskaras- birth of; neuro-biology of and the changing of.
  • Recognizing traps and creating boundaries
  • Themed postural practices, pranayama practices and meditation practices
  • Roots of transformation from disease
  • Manifestation of dis-ease in our tissues /Somatic experiencing through postures
  • Riding the emotional waves of struggle
  • Re-aligning the 5 yogic bodies
  • Meeting students where they are

(Also includes our regular 200 RYT syllabus: Click Here. We will be briefer in studying each linage, yet you will come to know each of their best tools and they will be present in all aspects of the training.)


A special interest in Addiction, Recovery or Trauma

A desire to dive deep into the authentic wisdom of Yoga for our own growth

The ability to spend time studying and for your own life practice of Yoga

If desiring a Hatha Yoga (Hatha Yoga is ANY movement yoga) teaching certificate from Yoga Alliance, you will need to have a past and current Hatha practice.

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Studios are open 7 days a week! Our general Customer Service hours (emails/phone calls) are Monday through Thursday 8-7pm and Fridays 8-noon. We promise to get back to you asap and thank you for your interest in our programs. Namaste.

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