“Sacred You” Presented by Asha

“Sacred You: coming back into Union with Yourself.”


A day-long immersion into reclaiming Yourself. Ignite Your fire. You, sacred as You are.

As women, we habitually take on SO MUCH. From work, to our family, friends and loved ones, it can begin to feel as though we’re responsible for everything and everyone. So often, we don’t have time to take care of ourselves.

Some signs that this workshop is for You is that: 

  • You’re feeling depleted. Tired. Cranky. Short-fused. Your friends/coworkers/ kids ask why You’re grumpy all the time.
  • You say ‘yes’ when You mean ‘no.’
  • If You have them, You don’t feel like being around Your partner or children.
  • You don’t remember what gives You joy.
  • You have a never-ending to-do list.
  • There is nothing for Yourself on that to-do list.
  • You want to create space for Yourself, but don’t know how.
  • Your home feels like a mixture of sanctuary and overwhelm.
  • Wine is Your go-to relaxation technique.
  • You’re experiencing pain in Your shoulders, neck, lower back or hips. These are indications that You’re storing emotions and tension within.

During this workshop, we will move with sweet nurturing attention. We will lounge in delicious stillness. We will uplift each other and validate our own emotions. Your facilitator for the day, Asha, has developed this day-long immersion utilizing techniques from yoga and feminine mystery practices (meditations for inner exploration) as well as sacred listening practices. These are techniques that she has used to reclaim her sense of self apart from others, uphold boundaries, create a container for her emotions and promote healing from co-dependency and trauma.

She has learned through her journey that women coming together can promote so much healing! Why? Because, in one way or another, we each need the same things:

  • to be cherished.
  • to be seen and heard.
  • to be held, whether physically or emotionally.
  • to feel safe.

Ways in which this workshop promotes these sacred needs:

  • makes space for each woman’s experience to be validated.
  • utilizes yoga props, postures and pranayama, which hold the body in comfort and activate the parasympathetic (rest and relaxation) nervous system.
  • provides techniques for an on-going filling up Your own cup, tending to Your body and mind, Your sacred self.
This offering is open to anyone who identifies as a woman or has a feminine form. Registration closes November 15th. Limited to 14 participants. Early bird cost (register by November 3rd) for $70. Regularly $85. Please reach out to Asha at sacred.yoga.and.meditation@gmail.com if You have any questions or concerns. 
About Your Guide: Born Meredith Schroeder, Asha is a fifth generation healer. A tumultuous childhood/ young adulthood led her onto a path of self inquiry. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, but has found her true passion in embodied yoga practice and principles. She received her 200 RYT at Grounded by Yoga, and has also studied restorative yoga and yoga nidra. She is currently interning at the Her Mystery School (based in Oregon). Taking up residency in her physical, feminine form has shifted her personal and professional realms, and she’s immensely excited to share this offering with You.

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