If you would like to start earning rewards (see different ways you can earn rewards at bottom of page), check your account balance, join a class or workshop or get our smartphone app, create an account!  We LOVE when you create your account and will be required for new students beginning January 2018. Note: Login in heading may indicate a specific location (Bloomfield/Canandaigua). Thats ok! You can come to both locations!

Sign in to your classes easily from your smartphone with our Iphone App!
Sign in to your classes easily from your smartphone with our Android App!

Yoga DISCOUNTS are Here!

Dear Students We want to give back to ♥YOU♥ for your loyalty and love you have given us all these years.We have been searching for a program that would allow us to do so and finally its here! Below see the many ways you can earn rewards, yoga dollars, money on account, discounts – whatever you would like to call it! From time to time we will switch it up and announce new ways to earn. Note: If you unsubscribe to newsletter, it unsubscribes your from rewards.

Ok! I want in! How do I earn these discounts?

Simply place your email in the Username and retrieve a Password.  Must use the email you provided to us. Not sure what that is? Ask us!

Some of Your Ways You Can Earn Discounts for Sept 2019 – Nov 2019

  • Book any service online. (You must also attend the class you book) 10 points.
  • Come to 3 classes in one week 25 points
  • Come to 7 or more in one week 175 points
  • Leave a review about the service and share with your friends on Facebook (must do from this system)150 points.
  • Leave a review about the service and share with your friends on Twitter (must do from this system)150 points.s.
  • Share your purchase on Facebook. 150 points.
  • 1250 Points for referring someone who buys a regular priced 10-pack, 3 or 12 month membership!!!

….and we’ll modify these from time to time so stay tuned to new exciting ways to earn!

But How Do I Redeem and for What?

Your rewards will accumulate and NEVER expire unless we should switch to another program. You can view your rewards on your account page and redeem right from there! Easy! Here are where you can apply your rewards:

  • REDEEM 1000 POINTS  and take $15 off your 10-Pack
  • REDEEM 1500 POINTS and take $40 off your 3 Month Package


  • These points never expire unless you close your account (account closes if you deactivate yourself or remove your email from the Newsletter list). Or, if we should switch our POS software, your points could expire.  

Our way of giving back to our very wonderful, loving and loyal students!

Note:We cannot combine discounts

Contact Us

Studios are open 7 days a week! Our general Customer Service hours (emails/phone calls) are Monday through Thursday 8-7pm and Fridays 8-noon. We promise to get back to you asap and thank you for your interest in our programs. Namaste.

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