Yang-Yin Yoga

Expect a challenge to the muscles (yang) and deep into connective tissues (yin). These classes will provide you with a balancing practice that starts with energizing, uplifting, postures and [...]

Yin Yoga

A deeper experience in postures with long generous holds. Targeting the connective tissue, joints, organs & meridians inviting astral, causal and physical awareness. Students remain close to the [...]

Heated YogaMelt

HOT YOGA 88 degrees: An energetic practice that blends sweat, strength and synchronized breath. Your teacher will present a flowing vinyasa movement with a variety of postures to cultivate [...]

Open Level Yoga

Our open level yoga classes are welcoming to everyone. The classes are often placed on the calendar for Holidays, Benefits & when presenting a new class. We will address everyone’s needs and the [...]

Yoga Seasoned

Also known as Mixed Level Yoga or Yoga 1 and 2. A well-rounded physical practice. Level 1 students can explore level 2 postures if desired or stay within their own experience of Level 1. Posture [...]

Toasty Yoga

Hot Yoga for mixed level students 1 and 2. For those wanting to tap into the heat but not completely MELT! The room heats up slowly so you heat up slowly as the class progresses. Arrive and be [...]