Mother Nature Hike & Meditation: Exploring Onanda Park
Mother Nature Hike & Meditation: Exploring Onanda Park

DATE: July 25th, 5:30 to 7:30pm-ish

We will walk the beauty of Onanda Park along the West side of Canandaigua Lake.

The group shall first form a circle sharing and discussing some special ways to walk  our hike using general and easy to use techniques found in Yoga/Meditation

The end of our journey we will anchor with a special relaxation process that will assist on our manifesting of nature’s magic.

This park is walk-able by all – we will use a slow – moderate pace

Good shoes are nice to have! Bring any water, snacks and even a journal and pen for a journaling exercise (optional). PLEASE bring a large blanket.

No electronics will be allowed. We will take pictures with our soul and imprint them there. 

COST: $5 or any donation you are comfortable with. A smile is perfect! Share our Flyer – Click Here REGISTER: RSVP here on our Meetup site (Click Here). We also will have folks registering through other studio as well. Total Limit is 20 beings.

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