Some of the concerns I see and hear in the yoga teaching community are:

  • “Why am I selling out?” – Not teaching what is really present in your heart, but what is popular
  • “I feel Invisible.” – Not attracting students into your class
  • “I am so disheartened.” – Students are not returning to your class
  • “Workshop? How?” – You have  great offering but not sure how to implement it
  • “I am a burned out.” – How a yogi becomes burned out on teaching and what turns to take
  • “I am just lost and uninspired.” – Using the tools of processing

What may have been missing from your training is the yoga of the ancient sages. By learning this aspect, your own spirit as well as your teachings will soar. As your mentor, I am here to support and guide you on your teaching journey.  I use tried and true tools that have got me to where I am today as a successful inspired teacher and studio owner.

So here is where I come in:

I desire to serve teachers like you, teach classes that have more {repeat} students, experience personal  transformation and confidently align yourself with what you want to teach. Sessions are catered to you to meet your goals and desires and to help you expand your teaching in a way that there can be no cookie cutter approach. I offer 1 – on – 1 mentoring to teachers like you, where we  get clear about who you want to teach, what you want to teach them, and hone in on your genuine gifts as a teacher {heart-built sustainability}. We work together  so that you get the mentoring and assistance that you need to build a sustainable teaching career.

Prerequisite: Completed RYT program, currently registered with the Yoga Alliance and ability to meet weekly.

Opportunities for teaching an intern class and assisting in classes may be offered.

Please note:

Graduates of Grounded by Yoga have a lifetime of mentor-ship for free (if ever needed). Graduates that also teach at GBY have internship for free (continued therapeutic approaches, specific student concerns, general path questions, etc)

Finding My Way
1 Month

Are you a new teacher who is intimidated by putting yourself out there in the yoga world?  This mentoring program will help you embrace and share your gifts.

Program Structure

Meet Twice per Week
2-Hour Discussions + intern teaching/assisting



Creative Offerings
2 Months

Moving beyond and into deeper high content offerings. Sandy will guide you to your unique resources and how to process these tools.

Program Structure

Meet Once per Week 90-minute Consultation (12 hours)
Practicum and Observation/Feedback (4 classes)



Create Your Needs
1-3 Months

This is the most popular program.  Anything goes! We begin with a consultation (approximately an hour) of your needs and desires. Through careful planning, Sandy will devise a compassionate approach where together we work towards your goals.

Most teachers that come to this program are unsure what they need, they just know and feel something’s missing. Thats ok! Sandy will help you unravel and rebuild your teaching platform.

Program Structure

Minimum Once per Week Meeting
Possible Practicum
Open Ended and Flexible


4-Hour Blocks $425

All appointments are flexible  in days/times to meet your needs.

Some sample topics:

  • How to discover why you feel stuck
  • How to being more meaning to your yoga classes through themes and relevant stories
  • How to refine your language to become more effective at moving your students
  • How to promote yourself and your offerings
  • How to offer creative offerings outside of studio classes
  • How to teach “difficult” students and in “difficult” situations
  • How to build your presence, voice, and timing in a yoga class
  • How to refine your sequencing in a way that leaves your students feeling expansive and free
  • How to live your teaching

“There has begun to be a real need for ongoing practical and spiritual mentoring and community in the yoga world, in particular for teachers. There are so many teacher trainings taking place currently with less and less activating content – the kind of content needed that empowers a teacher and keeps the fire going. I set up teacher mentoring sessions to provide a space for teachers to come together to discuss what needs have surfaced for them. These are confidential, nurturing sessions during which we discuss everything – from practical advice about running your own business to insecurities around one’s self, from workshops on the art of assisting to the art of holding space….we discuss everything in an informal and nourishing setting.”

~ Sandy

Contact Us

Studios are open 7 days a week! Our general Customer Service hours (emails/phone calls) are Monday through Thursday 8-7pm and Fridays 8-noon. We promise to get back to you asap and thank you for your interest in our programs. Namaste.

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