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“I would also like to say that I had an amazing yoga session with Michael today. I walked away not feeling the pain in my knee and I felt lighter. Like refreshed. Just amazing!!! And I was not the only one who had the same feeling. He is a great addition to your staff. It wasn’t about poses as it was about a focus on breath, mind and body. I walked away just amazed at how little we did and the amazing feeling I got out of it” -L.O.

“Michael’s gentle class was fantastic. I have never felt better after a yoga class” ~ J.S.


Hello my name is Michael and I hope this finds you well. I am currently located in the Buffalo, NY area and expanding my circle of teaching.

After serving in the military as an infantry medic and suffering a bad back injury after a 200 ft fall, I have used my expertise, and experience overcoming major injury to inspire others. Personally I have studied and also used the art and science of yoga, mind/body practices such as meditation, and neurological programming to heal from a variety of challenges. Some which include my back injury of which I spent 2/weeks in a coma, Pts(d), IBD and and anxiety/depression. Being able to allow myself the space to make a full recovery has allowed me the ability to share my story with others, and inspire them to make the positive changes necessary to shift their lives in positive directions.

Humbly I have had many great mentors throughout my life, whether in person through my years in school and military, or through video or written form with great speakers such as Eric Thomas, zig zigler, and Tony Robbins. In my life my greatest influence has and continues to be my mental, emotional and physical resilience and compassion. Growing up with a father who was a war torn marine and Army Ranger suffering from post traumatic, and various addictions proved to challenging to say the least. As his demons took over his life, it would lead to my eventual abandonment at school during my mother’s surgery at age 5, in South Carolina during a father/son summer road trip at age 11, and again in Tenessee at age 12. This amongst other abuses created a traumatic childhood experience, which would then heavily influence my own military experience and traumatic injury almost a decade later. While serving as a medic I would suffer a 200 ft fall while stationed overseases and on deployment to include; a 2 week coma and significant trauma to the spinal column. During my recovery doctors made many conflicting reccommendations, and I was left with a burden to bear. It affected relationships, employment, and other areas of my life. Fast forward to 2012 when my roommate introduced me to a yoga class during college, and It was During the 1st class, in which we were in savasana that I experienced the best rest, I had felt in a 2 year period at that time. Needless to say I was hooked, and signed on for 2 semesters of yoga. From here I began to experience better quality sleep, improved physical health, but most importantly began my healing of childhood and military trauma. This journey has been cathartic, fulfilling, enlightening, and a blessing.

I use my plethora of medical, Neuro linguistic, and mentoring knowledge to enhance the beautiful world of yoga and the 8 limb path. With a focus on integrating the breath throughout all We do, we experience beauty of the power of you! Whether gentle or moderate classes will allow you feel grounded in your mind, and heart. Meditation classes will strengthen the wireless connection to the source of your beauty, Love and strength within. You are wonderful and a miracle! Namaste

Favorite quote: Love is kind, Love is peaceful, Love doesnt boast or dominate. Love is patient and kind. Be Love.. The world needs you. ~ Anon

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