Hot Yoga And Weight Loss

Burn, Baby, Burn calories in hot yoga!

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Why weight? Hot Yoga can change your shape now

Hot Yoga not only promotes weight loss, it also helps sculpt and reshape your body, beautifully.

A Hot Yoga Weight Loss Success Story

A student I know practiced in January 2011. From January to March, she experienced a 20-pound weight drop . “I was stuck at a certain weight without being able to budge. Hot Yoga just catapulted me to my goal weight.”

Hot Yoga means strong, sleek muscle tone

Now, muscle can weigh more than fat, but shape up: these are GOOD pounds! And Hot Yoga builds muscle tone. You’ll look more shapely – you’ll get yoga arms, shapely legs, defined abs, and say goodbye to back-fat…all those middle-age weight problems. The heat of the Hot Yoga creates muscles that are sleek and defined, not bulky.

Hot Yoga helps break down stubborn fat deposits

Fat deposits are released during a hot yoga practice. Fat deposits can also cause stiff joints, so hot yoga brings you flexibility along with better-shaped body parts, as fat deposits get broken up and “burned out.” Hot yoga’s stretches and compressions push out subcutaneous and lipid fats from muffin tops, heavy hips, saddlebag thighs, lumpy buttocks….who needs all that fat?

Hot Yoga helps balance your metabolism

Hot Yoga helps improve circulation and promote overall cleansing. Your lymph system is pumped, helping to restore your body’s natural cleansing abilities. And you aren’t just imagining a smoother complexion. After hot yoga class, your skin just glows as those pores open up and are “flushed” clean. That goes for your hair, too.

…with more beautiful benefits

With Hot Yoga, you can see yourself lose weight and gain a more shapely body. Oh, and one little side effect we’d like to mention: you’ll be noticing changes in your health, too. And an increase in your energy level. And maybe also your patience level with your co-workers and your kids. Because when Hot Yoga improves your external physiology, it also impacts your internal state of being.

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