You may have met me before. All my life, I have felt called to help people, as well as understand the nature of reality. Though I became disheartened by the Western approach to medicine, I began practicing yoga around the same time that I studied the eastern traditions’ approach to the mind, body and spirit.

A B.A. in Philosophy led me to develop a cross-cultural perspective. Receiving my interdisciplinary 200 RYS and Restorative Yoga certifications has drawn me out of the purely intellectual, rational realm, and into that of the physical, causal and astral. This continues to inspire me to view my life in such a way that everything from grocery shopping, and cooking to walking in the forest or city becomes my sādhāna, my practice. Traveling to India in February of 2018 was the biggest challenge to the foundation of this practice.

Guiding others towards self-discovery and self-healing through the principles of yoga humbles me every day. Regardless of where You’re at in life and Your practice, I know that together, we can invite deeper compassion and wisdom. As a student myself, I see the person within in each student, wherever they are along their journey: whether just beginning, struggling for consistency, rehabbing an injury, seeking relief from stress, or comfortable in their practice. I see the cosmic giggle unfolding within You. I enjoy practiced on and far off the mat, enriching every aspect of living. I’ll invite You to do the same.

While no particular lineage or teacher has resonated completely, I enjoy using props from Iyengar and principles of Ashtanga sequences in my own practice and when guiding students. The classes I offer are much like the classes I enjoy receiving – a blend of breathing and dristi techniques within strengthening yang postures and meditative yin postures to balance the entirety of Your BEing. If You enjoyed the classes that Mere offered before, You’ll surely enjoy the classes I offer now.

I look forward to co-creating a practice that is suited to You! Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at

In loving awareness, namaste~

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  • Basia

    Asha’s classes always bring me deep peace and quiet joy. She soothes my body, heart and mind. Anyone who experiences her guidance is fortunate, indeed. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

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