What is Deep Release Yoga?

WHAT is DEEP RELEASE Yoga at GBY? That’s a great question. In our Deep Release class, its based on Taoist Yoga – which is a strong tuning into the physical elements of the body. Your teacher will guide you into a posture…not special breathing is offered, only the awareness of HOW your breathing changes when you arrive and remain in the long held poses.

There are several props used to either Deepen or Soften your position. We work with each student to see that certain muscles aren’t being engaged, so that we can work deep within. Expect nothing – and you will receive whatever it is you need…but if you must….expect some challenge, some release, and intermittent rewards.

Sandy will be guest teaching this class on Tuesdays at 7pm . She will share what wisdom comes from this (besides increased flexibility). Its a “new yoga” from the 70’s from Paulie Zinc, whom Sandy spent time with in 1978 (yes long ago!)…is not concerned with any yogic lineage – so what does it seek? A question you will answer in your practice with guidance from Sandy.

Sandy has been doing an ongoing training with Yin Teacher Biff Mithoefer and will be completing her certification in Yin Yoga Fall of 2018. Once this practice is completely processed she will offer an authentic Yin practice.

All are welcome. Namaste

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