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Yogic Philosophy & Nutrition

Yoga, the timeless science behind all true religions, consists of systematic and definite steps to realization of oneness. This informal group discussion will provide a foundation of philosophy and a deepening into your yoga practice. In this 4 part session, we will explore the obstacles to enlightenment and practices of overcoming these obstacles. Each session will hold deep self inquiry in which will present to you a piece of "lifework" for your following session.

Bhagavad Gita Study Group

In our daily life, very often grave problems confront us and we lose our heart. Only at such moments of crisis do we experience the dire need of the Gita. The Bhagavad Gita expounds Vedantic principles in a concise, simple and beautiful manner. There is no problem in life which cannot find its solution from this book. It acquaints us thoroughly with all needed to make our life ready for the next. Offered in the winter months to pre / post Teacher Trainers.

Raja Yoga – Yoga of Meditation

The most popular sacred text of yoga is called Pantajali Sutras. Maharishi Patanjali incorporated a 8-limbed system to achieve liberation, or samadhi. the yoga practice referred to is raja yoga - the yoga of meditation. In a group or private setting we will discuss and practice the 8 limbs of yoga. Please note, there are no physical postures other than a posture comfortable for you for meditation. For more information, please see our blog post about Raja Yoga.

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