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Yang-Yin Yoga

Expect a challenge to the muscles (yang) and deep into connective tissues (yin). These classes will provide you with a balancing practice that starts with energizing, uplifting, postures and evolves into a deep, introspective, quiet second half of the class, bringing in nice, long holds. Each person will be nurtured as needed with our loving props! Give these classes a try if you want a little of everything!

Deep Release Yin Yoga

A Yin Yoga inspired class designed by Sandy as she completes her Yin Yoga training. If you need to release lower back tension, tight hips, pelvis and shoulders, and explore static yoga postures, deep release is for you! All poses are sitting or lying down. A great way to balance your yang practice. Expect to maintain postures for 6-8 minutes, become intimate with your breath and deepen the relationship to your body. The student creates the depth, and we help you with the ease!

Yin Yoga

A deeper experience in postures with long generous holds. Targeting the connective tissue, joints, organs & meridians inviting astral, causal and physical awareness. Students remain close to the floor. You decide how challenging you want to make the pose, tap into various edges and observe how the breath speaks to you. Props are used to deepen and/or nurture the pose. Wendy is a Yin Yoga Certified Teacher.

Heated YogaMelt

HOT YOGA 88 degrees: An energetic practice that blends sweat, strength and synchronized breath. Your teacher will present a flowing vinyasa movement with a variety of postures to cultivate strength and endurance. This temperature is perfect - anything over 94 degrees dehydrates the muscles and slowly attacks the oxygen levels in our organs. We like to have some fun, some soul and some depth in this class. Your savasana will be infused with some essential oils.

Open Level Yoga

Our open level yoga classes are welcoming to everyone. The classes are often placed on the calendar for Holidays, Benefits & when presenting a new class. We will address everyone’s needs and the class will unfold perfectly as needed according to those that arrive. Your teacher will have the ability to design a session satisfying to all. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to arrive without expectations -what you need to receive will be there waiting.

Yoga Seasoned

Also known as Mixed Level Yoga or Yoga 1 and 2. A well-rounded physical practice. Level 1 students can explore level 2 postures if desired or stay within their own experience of Level 1. Posture binds and full balancing inversions are introduced. Longer holds encourage stronger muscle mass, flexibility and solid focus, preparing the mind for subtle changes each time you arrive. Knowledge and use of Ujaii, Bandhas and Principals of Alignment required.

Toasty Yoga

Hot Yoga for mixed level students 1 and 2. For those wanting to tap into the heat but not completely MELT! The room heats up slowly so you heat up slowly as the class progresses. Arrive and be open to the heat, thaw the mind and body so we can sit into our soul center. Wonderful for creating flexibility and that overall open feeling. Enjoy Mondays Hot Yoga is now Yang-Yin! Start with powerful yang (muscular poses) and the second half L O N G meticulously held floor postures. Sure to bring great depth in your flexibility.

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