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Birthday Yoga!

Looking for fun and unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday this year? Yoga themed birthday parties are fun, playful and engaging. One of our specially trained Kids Yoga teacher will incorporate child friendly yoga poses, interactive games and activities. It’s an hour of creative movement that kids will enjoy. Yoga Birthday parties run from ages 4 & up. Each party is custom-tailored. The event combines yoga, play and partner games, engaging kids both mentally and physically. Children learn yoga poses, games, and relaxation exercises. This program is held either at your facility of choice or either of our studios. Registered Children's School with Yoga Alliance.

Prenatal Yoga

Some women start Prenatal Yoga the moment they find out they’re pregnant! These friendly, strengthening, heart-opening drop-in classes will help you feel great, mom matter where you are on your journey. Those experienced with Prenatal Yoga guidelines may come to any class they desire. Prenatal Yoga is safe for any trimester when guided by an experienced teacher. Vicki, Sandy, Jackie and Julie will know the proper breaths, postures, and depths for you to use. We also offer this under our In Home Comfort Care program. Privately held classes are created on our calendars as well for groups of 5 or more moms-to-be. Private sessions available.

Grounded Kids Yoga Ages 4-9

(Resumes in the early fall). Drop in!. Teaching children peacefulness can be the greatest gift. Enhances concentration, develops coping strategies, increases healthy responses to stress. Today’s kids are bearing a huge burden of parent’s expectation, school pressure and the competitive world. Moreover, video games, electronics and junk food are interfering with the value of connection. Such things may hide our children's innocence and joyful life. Children often do not know what to do when inner stress arrives. Avoid medical intervention – drugs. Our children are in great need of mental fitness. Our Kid's Yoga is safe and effective and guidance by a trained instructor.

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