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Deep Release Yin Yoga

A Yin Yoga inspired class designed by Sandy as she completes her Yin Yoga training. If you need to release lower back tension, tight hips, pelvis and shoulders, and explore static yoga postures, deep release is for you! All poses are sitting or lying down. A great way to balance your yang practice. Expect to maintain postures for 6-8 minutes, become intimate with your breath and deepen the relationship to your body. The student creates the depth, and we help you with the ease!

Yin Yoga

A deeper experience in postures with long generous holds. Targeting the connective tissue, joints, organs & meridians inviting astral, causal and physical awareness. Students remain close to the floor. You decide how challenging you want to make the pose, tap into various edges and observe how the breath speaks to you. Props are used to deepen and/or nurture the pose. Wendy is a Yin Yoga Certified Teacher.

Yoga Moderate

A physical step above Yoga Gentle. This class introduces strength postures and deeper movement for flexibility, body toning and focus. A straightforward class that gives the student opportunity to fine tune alignment, bandhas and breath work. Expect various types of breath work to enhance your end of class relaxation! For beginner’s, we suggest a minimum of 10 classes with the same guide for proper delivery of yoga foundations.

Journaling Through the Heart

A unique yoga class open to all beings. Trauma has many faces, & can begin in the Mother's womb, or anytime thereafter. Through self study, conscious awareness & somatic body experiences, we will move, rest and journal. Sandy's 4 decades of yogic experience combined with trauma specific trainings, expect a safe & sacred space to return to light. Starts March 2017. For your invitation, email her personal email 4 Class series: $80/$25 drop in.

Beginner Series

Enjoy learning the key elements of a successful and effective yoga practice with other beginners! Our beginner series' includes handouts and plenty of opportunity to ask questions and feel at home in your body (and mind). Upon completion , we offer many paths to continue your journey on. Discuss with your teacher what your next class should be, or simply taste them all! If you do not see a beginners series that suits you, please contact us for the next best class to start.

Move, Breathe & Meditate

Namaste! Two-thirds of the class will be geared toward awakening the energy within us through a series of postures and breath work to better focus the body-mind for the stillness we lack in our lives. We will then anchor into a brief guided meditation (20 mins). This class is a great intro to many aspects of a yoga practice, creating a more rounded experience with your mind and body and spirit. Great class for family, friends, partners!


Meditation is a different experience studying with the same teacher on a continued basis. Various bodily positions offered to suit YOU - yet effective for a meditative experience. Several meditation practices offered (Healing Meditations, Meditation for de-stressing, Meditation for Transcendence). Meditation with Ease starts Feb 2017. Give Meditation a chance to arrive, it can take several sessions,we are here to help.

Relax Into Peace

Gentler than our other gentle yoga classes. We will passively stretch with the use of props and guided breath work. VERY calming and soothing. Regular practice creates a new way we view, perceive and accept daily life events. Expect some extra nurturing i this class. Please note: This is not a Restorative Yoga class. Our Restorative Yoga sessions are over 2 hours long with no stretching and held monthly in Bloomfield.

Yoga Gentle

A Gentle approach to hatha yoga and structured for the expecting Mom as well! Connect, nurture, open the body and learn tools to relax. We’ll do some standing stretches, balance as well as seated stretches anchored with a final relaxation. Postures are not held as long as Yoga 1,2 and extra instruction offered to beginners. For beginner’s, we suggest a minimum of 10 classes with the same guide for proper delivery of yoga foundations.

Gentle Body, Gentle Mind

A Grounded By Yoga Signature class! Soft purposeful postures to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Students stay close to the mat, often supporting the body with props to release and restore energy. We will methodically prepare the mind and body for meditation, creating an ease-ful and satisfying experience. Sandy will create a variety of meditations to connect with consciousness, ourselves and the Universe. For beginner’s, we suggest a minimum of 10 classes with the same guide for effective manifestation of the practice. It takes time.

Sweet Surrender

Surrender into long sweetly held stretches. This class can be as challenging as you make it – yet available to all. Held at 9:30am on the 3rd Wednesday of the month - much like Relax and Renew with some Deep Release options. Great for flexibility! It’s YOUR edge to play with! Student chooses how deep and how sweet you want to surrender. For beginner’s, we suggest a minimum of 10 classes with the same guide for proper delivery of yoga foundations.

Open Level Yoga

Our open level yoga classes are welcoming to everyone. The classes are often placed on the calendar for Holidays, Benefits & when presenting a new class. We will address everyone’s needs and the class will unfold perfectly as needed according to those that arrive. Your teacher will have the ability to design a session satisfying to all. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to arrive without expectations -what you need to receive will be there waiting.

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Studios are open 7 days a week! Our general Customer Service hours (emails/phone calls) are Monday through Thursday 8-7pm and Fridays 8-noon. We promise to get back to you asap and thank you for your interest in our programs. Namaste.

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