Coincidence, Synchronicity Serendipity

Living in Balance…Being in the Flow Our Universe is perfectly balanced by natural and spiritual laws which maintain order. We can learn to depend on these laws and live in alignment with [...]


Hot Yoga And Weight Loss

Burn, Baby, Burn calories in hot yoga! Sundays at 10:am and Mondays at 7pm Grounded By Yoga Bloomfield Why weight? Hot Yoga can change your shape now Hot Yoga not only promotes weight loss, it [...]


The Branches Of Yoga

To fully understand the Yoga Tradition, we must illustrate the roots of the philosophy and practice. To the best of our knowledge, we have explicitly described the history of the great Yoga [...]



Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. ALBERT EINSTEIN, quoted in Sinfully Vegan A man can live and be [...]


Yoga Lineages

Ananda yoga (uh-non-duh) Originated in California with Swami Kriyananda (Donald Walters) who, in the 1960s, completed a period of intense yoga training aspiring to loftier goals than simply [...]


Cultivating Prana

Whoever you may be, and wherever you may live, you live your life well when you live it at the right rate. Plow your way through life and life will wear you out; poke your way along and your life [...]


Addictions come in many forms…..10 Habits You Must Quit to Be Happy

When you quit doing the wrong things, you make more room for the things that make you happy. So starting today… 1. Quit procrastinating on your goals. Some people dream of success while others [...]


The Symbolic Lotus

The Lotus Flower Native to eastern Asia and Australia, the lotus is widely cultivated for its fragrant pink or white flowers. It is sometimes called the Indian lotus or the sacred lotus, and it [...]