Lotus Pedal Indoor Cycling

Lotus Pedal Indoor Cycling

LOTUS PEDAL presents SPINNING CLASSES at Lotus Grove Healing Arts in the lower level studio!





Amy will present a “soft start opening” with classes to choose from and as the need arises – additional instructors, bikes and classes will be added! We are also looking forward to joining forces with Amy and presenting SPIN & YIN – a well coordinated class of 30-40 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of Yin Yoga (deep long stretches). Expect to see Spin & Yin in the latter part of October. What the heck – we may call it RIDE and RELAX! 

Soft Open Sept 20th through October 8th. NO Spinning Classes October 9th through 16th. All classes resume October 17th!

The Spinning program is on the cutting edge of a revolution in how health and fitness are viewed and taught, not only in the United States, but around the world. It has already helped nearly 1 million people to experience the reality of the mind/ body connection that is the core of obtaining complete fitness and health. This exciting athletic training program utilizes motivation, mental training techniques in the most thoroughly tested cycling and instructional techniques available. It really is so much more than just riding a stationary bike. I hope you will come visit us at Spinning Lotus and give it a try! It is a great work out, and you can work out at your own pace, no matter what class you choose. Amy of Spinning Lotus enjoys maintaining an intimate feel a personable coaching style

Right now class space is limited to 8 bikes and 8 classes, which is a great setting for anyone new to Spin. We will be adding more bikes and classes as the need arises. To reserve your bike, hit JOIN US on the calendar and register. The first time you will need to register your member information for access to the website – after that – just sign in! Also search for us on the MindBody App!!!

Spin/Yoga or as we will refer it as “Spin and Yin” or “Ride and Relax” will incorporate 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of yin yoga for a feel good work out that’s tough to beat. Yin Yoga is generally all ground work on the mat with long holds for lengthening the muscles.

Spinning class in CanandiaguaAt Lotus Grove Healing Arts Center, students come from Canandaigua, Victor, Bristol, Lima, Farmington, Pittsford and of course Bloomfield!  Join our highly skilled and warm hearted classes. Come spin with us!

PLEASE NOTE: Lotus Spin is a separate entity from Grounded By Yoga. If you have any questions about schedules, pricing or anything at all about spinning – please contact Amy at LotusPedalNY@gmail.com

Do expect Grounded By Yoga to keep you updated as well!

Also: We will have an outdoor Yoga and Meditation program implemented in 2015 right at the Bloomfield location! (Its me, Sandy – just making a “plug” on Amy’s page!)

PRICES are $8 drop in. (We will begin to offer packages after we get all the classes on the calendar- Early Winter)




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