500 RYT Yoga Teacher Training

“Sacred Spaces featuring Yoga For Cancer Recovery”

JAN 2016 through November 2016



Yoga fingers

The journey of Yoga Teacher Training is not about the physical postures, it’s about creating a sacred space within, so that we can provide a sacred space for others. We learn to be in touch with our own subtle energy systems, so that we can adequately address the needs of students wherever they may be along their path.

Expect a deeper understanding of the entanglement that occurs between you,me, your students and the Universe. Our 500RYT program will include a  day retreat in the summer  of 2016 exploring our inner light and sharing our gifts.

This program will consist of weekend meets, once or twice per month along with this unique retreat journey (included in your tuition).

Our Curriculum shall include (but not inclusive):

  • Yoga for Cancer Thrivers – a full module Directed by Karen Armstrong, RYT and Cancer Thriver.
  • Morning Chant and Asana Class followed by Breathing Circles or Breath Walk
  • Late Morning Meditation Guided by your Lead instructor as well as Sharing of our own Meditation Techniques
  • A deep Dive into the Wisdom of Yoga (philosophy, yoga as a lifestyle, leaving the lower rungs of yoga and sitting in the higher)
  • Kundalni, Kriyas and Why
  • Teaching Methodology that arrives from the above
  • Smart Sequencing
  • Prenatal Comfort – Open the door for moms-to-be (and partners too!)
  • Chair Yoga for Special Needs as well as Advanced Asana
  • Learning to assemble and share with our students Creative Work Shops
  • Exploring Asana Assists infused with a unique technique
  • Intro to Partner Yoga for Adults and Kids
  • Anatomy of the Brain
  • Community Yoga (of COURSE! our wonderful celebration!)
  • much much more…….

If you already hold at least a 200 RYT training, you may “pre-register” for free and get on our first to notify list. This session will have a limit of enrollees.

Program  meets beyond the Requirements and Standards of the National Yoga Alliance.

You may get on the “Early Notification List” by emailing groundedbyyoga@gmailcom . Please put in Subject 500RYT

A truly comprehensive program for those looking to deeply advance on their journey.

The following is cash/check discount price (this does not display credit card charge pricing)

TuitionIf paid in Full by plus $85 Non-refundable Application Fee
3850If paid in Full June 15plus $85 Non-refundable Application Fee
3950If paid in Full by July 15plus $85 Non-refundable Application Fee
4050If paid in Full by August 15plus $85 Non-refundable Application Fee
4150If paid in Full by September 15plus $85 Non-refundable Application Fee
4250If paid in Full by October 15plus $85 Non-refundable Application Fee
Payment Plans at the full price of 4250$500 down plus $85 Application FeeYou create your schedule of payments!