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What is Restorative Yoga with Reiki?

REstorative Yoga Canandaigua

Restorative Yoga is gentle Opening (not stretching) of the body.These soft openings allow healing, harmony and peace to manifest while simultaneously releasing stuck energies and old habits.

Grounded By Yoga offers a full 2.15 hours of Restorative Yoga (wth Reiki) monthly.
No Experience Needed.
Harness the intentions of rest. Gentle the body and mind with our Restorative Yoga & light soothing Touch & Aromatherapy (optional) and maybe some other surprises! Sandy will soften the body with bolsters and blankets as guided meditation and ambient music take you deeply into a state of deep relaxation. You will move through a spine-opening sequence of resting postures as you enjoy the telling of stories and sensory meditations. Sandy is a twice certified Restorative Yoga Teacher…experience her own techniques infused with her trainings. An truly unique & compassionate event.Restore with Yoga Canandaigua(Please note: Some places offer Yin Yoga and label it Restorative Yoga. Expect a true authentic practice of Restorative Yoga at this session.)

ADD REIKI OPTION for only $10: The offerings and intentions of the heart are held in deep connection to the fullness of time. This special evening will calm the nervous system, bring balance to the chakras, and harmonizes body, mind, and spirit with the addition of Reiki with Amy Steidle

 Next Restorative Yoga with Reiki: March 22, 2015 at 6:30pm. $35 Restorative Only/ $45 with Reiki
Restorative Yoga with Reiki Finger Lakes

  1. Drop Check/Cash off at the studio
  2. Paypal via this form
  3. Call to charge
  4. Mail check to: Grounded By Yoga 1 Wellness Way Bloomfield 14469
  5. Right Here!  Restorative w/ Reiki  FULL

                               Restorative Only       FULL

Please Note: Prepaid only. There are no refunds offered once you are registered unless we are able to utilize someone off a waiting list or you register a replacement. Thank you for understanding.