Private Yoga Sessions

“Last night, I received  the best Christmas gift ever!!! A two hour private yoga session at Grounded By Yoga with my partner!!!!!!! Thank you !!!! “ Laura

Our private clients typically have one of 3 goals. Explore your options here.

Private Yoga with Sandy at grounded By Yoga


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  • Sandy Hicks, RYT, RYS, RCYT, RPYT, IAYT, PBPY $75 per hour or 4 Sessions for $240. (Customizeable packages.) . Classes are physically therapeutic based or spiritual based (Samayama) Offering RainDrop/Massage for Back, Meditation, Asana, Chakra Balancing and more. Visit session details here.  Children and adults (Generally booked 3 weeks out )

  • Vicky DeNeers, RYT, RCYT, IAYT: $70 per hour, 4 sessions for $230. Specializing in Childrens and Family Yoga. (Please note: Vicky will be travelling abroad until Early Fall 2014 – Sandy is currently overseeing her clients)