Grounded Kids Yoga

Your child will learn tools for life.

Grounded Kids Yoga Ages 5-9ish

Children’s Joyful Movement, Mindfulness & Focus – Mindfulness is a technique that fosters inner calm, increased awareness, and a sense of well-being. Over the past three decades, the practice of mindfulness has been taught to adults in hospitals and clinics to assist in pain management, stress reduction, and healing. Now mindfulness is being introduced in schools, to incarcerated youth, and in youth-based programs around the world. This class is designed through Goldie Hawn’s wonderful foundation for children and mindfulness. The new field of teaching mindfulness to youth is a profoundly beneficial development for the education of children from grades K through 12. Research shows that mindfulness decreases stress, attention deficit issues, depression, anxiety, and hostility in children, while benefiting their health, well-being, social relations, and academic performance. Children can easily learn these techniques, and when learned young, they become lifelong tools. Instructed by Sandy Hicks certified Children’s Yoga RCYT.

Feel free just to drop in anytime! $8 Drop in or buy 4 consecutive classes for $25

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Grounded By Family  Yoga

Family Forever Yoga!

Yoga is adaptable enough for the whole family to enjoy; moms, dads, kids, and grandparents can all benefit from a yoga practice that fits their needs and stage of life. There are many benefits from practicing yoga as a family or independently. Yoga provides an opportunity for the entire family to stay active and have fun together that will build a bond for a lifetime. It helps you to find that calm and peace in your day that we so often do not put time aside for. These sessions are most effective with our Home Comfort Program or right in our studio. BIG SPACE IS NOT NEEDED. Schedule a consult today!

Public Class: Resumes Summer 2015.



Tween YogaTween Yoga!

Approx ages 9-14. During puberty and teen years, immense changes are taking place in the body’s chemistry and physiology. This class creates a special place for tweens to develop comfort with their bodies, better understand the physical and emotional shifts common at this age, and have a space to relax from increasing academic and social pressures that they may be experiencing. (Looking for a different day and time?  You gather your friends, we’ll create a special private class).  



Prenatal Yoga

This class is for you to surround and bond with your expecting child……The fetus can experience our own joy and peace. We will guide expecting Moms in a quiet place to turn their focus inward and bond with their child, while strengthening their bodies and utilizing the breath. These classes also offer women a time to be comfortable with the changes in their bodies, throughout pregnancy and bond with other women who are pregnant .All Gentle yoga classes guided by Vicki or Sandy are prenatal Friendly. If you are experienced with Yoga, you may also attend Sandy’s Mixed level classes which are prenatal friendly up to 9 months. Sandy and Vicki are both RPYT (professionally trained prenatal/postnatal teachers)


Baby & Me/Postnatal

Baby and Me Yoga helps moms to reclaim their body as we stretch, strengthen and breathe life into post-partum (and sleep deprived) bodies. You’ll enjoy the company of mothers with newborns while taking time to bond with your baby. Babies enjoy watching other babies and having Mom’s undivided attention for playtime! Our classes offer a mix of toning movement for moms, yoga poses done with your baby and infant massage. Baby_Yoga-247x170Babies will laugh and cry, fuss and fidget, and it’s all ok . . . feel free to stop and attend to their needs at any point. Yoga will help you feel centered, strong, energized and at ease with your new baby. We specifically focus on reclaiming core strength, stretching tight muscles, releasing back pain and improving pelvic floor strength. Moms, Dads & Caretakers – Baby and you can attend classes as soon as they are medically cleared for exercise (usually 6 weeks post-partum). Please check with your midwife or doctor before attending class. You are welcome to attend until your baby begins to WALK and “graduates” from class. Twins are welcome, Bring a blanket for your baby, mats are provided. Baby and Me focuses on strengthening the spiritual, emotional and physical bond between parent and child.. Our program will help carry you smoothly through the busy early months of caring for a new baby . Approximately 60 Minutes. 4 Part Series.(Program is presently on hold. You may inquire about our waiting list) This is my favorite class on the schedule and we all love it! (Currently offered as Private Session and with our Home Care Comfort)